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Eileen Connor


Minneapolis, Minnesota


will be working on that here!


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I am an artist. I take photographs and paint ink and brush paintings that capture the essence of nature.

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I recently cut back my hours as an acupuncturist to rekindle my former and first love: art making, specifically ink, brush and watercolor painting (sumi-e, in Japanese). I don't know what the internet opportunities are for this, I just know NOW is the time for me.

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Help with my elevator pitch!

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I can give feedback on sites, newsletters, etc

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I am a sumi-e artist (ink and brush painting). I'm a good cook- love to cook Indian and Asian food. I love to find and eat all kinds of ethnic food. I take photos to use as reference for my paintings of nature: animals, plants, insects, water, trees, clouds, etc. Very interested in the healing properties of mushrooms and herbs- I combine these in dishes for healing and health. Interested in traveling more-especially to Asia. Love the ocean, samba music and color