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    Sissy: I love yours…that is SO great. My site will be laughter health and wealth. WorkinProgress (WIP) elevator pitch: I help leading edge boomers to make their “Golden years” an energetic, healthy and Joyous adventure. I do this by helping them feel their own “Authentic Joy…Even When They are Unhappy.” Do you have a Freedom [...]

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    First post: My (tentative) niche: I help folks to feel authentic joy…even when they are unhappy. From that base of joy, help to improve energy levels, health and longevity.

    • hi matti, congrats on jumping in with your first post! as you think about your niche, is there a smaller subset of people that you have either helped this way, or would like to? for example: younger people, teens, retired people, teachers, yoginis, meditators…. the smaller you make the subset, the easier to reach that crowd,
      and you can have…[Read more]

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    Have you read ”The Sugar Fix” by Dr. Richard Johnson yet? Awesome, leading edge research…right up your alley. Matti

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