• Here is the link.

  • David,

    I would love to do that but I am not in a place where I have access to it right now. Let me get back to you tomorrow.

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    Will using the term “budding environmentalist” tend to limit the appeal to people who are already somewhat involved in going green?

  • Hello, I am Roger and I am trying out the GPU Home Study course. I help kids experience the fun of flying their own airplane. The product we are developing is called the NanoFlyer, a very simple model airplane that soars thru the air when launched with a string of rubber bands. The name NanoFlyer [...]

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    Greetings fellow GPU members. This is my first post to introduce myself. I live in Middle America in a suburb of Wichita, Kansas. I am planning to retire in a year and start an online business. I have been working with a friend on the development of a fun product for kids and so I am needing to learn things like how to develop a website, a…[Read more]

  • twocana

    I am feeling exactly the same way. What’s the process? Where’s the direction? Has it already started and I missed it? If not, when does it officially start? Am I just supposed to watch every video and listen to every audio and put it all together myself?

    • yes, the book is a great outline and there are many resources to amplify each section of the book.
      what would you say you are up to creating? what do you think would be the best place to begin?
      do you have a business now? do you have a website? what do you want to share and with whom?