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Sabine Satie


Boulder, Colorado, USA


in 6 weeks…hopefully sooner


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“I help women with cancer release their emotional and physical toxins so they can increase their lifespan safely

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Woman of many talents but have been a caretaker, organizer, healer, detoxer for the most part. Always creating some beauty and want to focus more on that to bring lightness and joy to the world.
But first more lightness to the soul and the body by opening people to the venues of their own ability for detoxing and renewal.

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feed back on my elevator pitch

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have a great ey for design and presentation. be happy to give feedback on your site, your photo/image you portray, your logo…


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sabine satie

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love food and warm days, music and dance, capturing beauty in the camera, on canvas and in my jewelry. Love to help people heal themselves, making them laugh. connecting to spirit, transforming, learning, being myself. always hands on. a daily dose of nature, our beautiful planet- water, ah. Here in Colorado that means long showers! (i know, but I hang up my laundry to dry)