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    David Wood - - "Hey guys – we are moving people soon to a new site – pretty similar to this but hopefully less bugs! And – I’m in there all the […] "View
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    Kevin Murray - - "Hey @davidwood99 I’d love to bring a great affiliate offer to you and your subscribers Cheers, Kevin (first GPU $1,000 award winner) here’s the optin, but need to make your custom […] "View
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    Elyse Jacobs - - "Will begin blogging for Discount School Supplies in May. They asked me to write about the work I do with children. Their blog seemed somewhat hidden from those who come online to purchase supplies. I asked them how people found the bloggers. She sent me their classy enewsletter. And added, we have 90,000 subscribers. That got my attention. I’ve sent them the first blog. They’re ‘polishing’ it […] "View
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    Gavin Merritt - - "Gavin, to put this tactfully… If you don’t start doing stuff to prepare for all the fun changes that are about to take place in your life, j-e-e-e-e-z, I just don’t know what might happen. But I’m darn sure I know what won’t. I’m not from the IRS, but I’m here to help. The Universe Please tell the universe im working on it […] "View
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    Jason Halliday - - "Hello everyone – finally starting to get involved here – and I have a question. Are we able to create our own groups yet? I have to admit I’m getting a little lost trying to navigate around the community section of the site. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s a little different than other forums that I’ve used before. Is there a guide anywhere on using the community site yet? […] "View
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    Colin - - "Head buzzing from great forum interplay tonight (it’s night here in the UK). Tired now, after today’s chemo, so probably not going to last until the 2.00 a.m (GMT) training call tonight, unless the meds make sleep difficult. But need sleep, so sadly will have to listen to the recording in a day or two when it’s available … David/Ezra … over to […] "View
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    Binod Maliel - - "An awesome free e-book on Goals! by Brian Tracy… I wanted to share some information that may be of great help to you in your business and careers ( … If this does not interest you, kindly do not read further, ignore this message, delete it.) If you are interested… I came across a free resource about goals success that you may find extremely useful. The famous “Goals!” book from Brian Tracy is available for FREE at the link below in e-book format. 330 pages of amazing and excellent content! http://wp.me/pHdyu-3n Kind Regards, Binod PS: Some of you may know that I am a co-author with Brian Tracy of the book ‘The DNA of Success […] "View
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    Brady Irvine - - "If you don’t like the answers, ask better […] "View
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    Lisa Rawson - - "Learning so much and looking forward to putting it into practice. Thanks to all for inspiration and support! […] "View
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    Celia Dias - - "For next week I will send an email to all my contacts with the link for my updated website. […] "View
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    Rodger Bailey - - "This week, I was able to set up autoresponder “newsletter” emails which have an excerpt of one of the articles I have posted on my site. I have a link in the email to the full article, so those who receive the email can get to the article. At the end of the article is a link to a Forum topic with questions which relate to that article and requests for folks to answer those questions as Replies to that topic. This gives me a way to get interactions with those on my […] "View
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    Eileen Connor - - "OHHhhhhhhh!!! Seriously considering changing my niche and idea back to Food therapy for Cancer patients, their friends and family. I can actually SEE this website-it’s like I already have done it. Financially this makes the most sense to me right now. I am looking to transition into more of this work in my Chinese medicine practice. Talking with my web wizard this afternoon. Talking with myself […] "View
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