• Hi Kdub I can relate to the ‘niche-picking’; being excited about one and then the next day losing interest. Re. the one you picked above, I wonder what your elevator pitch would be. e.g. I help stay at home mums find ways to continue to pursue their own personal goals and dreams while raising a [...]

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    Hi Nyahra,
    Nice to hear from you.
    I believe I would have been in ill health or dead long ago if I had not discovered the macrobiotic philosophy of natural healing through food. I spent 2 1/2 years at a school learning from a Japanese couple and have practiced it for 23 years now. It can be challenging at times but I am so grateful that it has…[Read more]

    In reply to - Cheryl posted an update: Hi Everyone, My name is Cheryl Gittens (aka Nyahra) and I am excited to join GPU. Please call me Nyahra I provide strategies to professionals who want more out of life. I am interested […] · View
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    Hi all fellow GPUer’s, I will develop a web-site in this program. I decided to focus on a counseling and coaching people who have a disease called ‘anti-phospholipid syndrome’ which I have mostly healed with a natural diet and lifestyle and without drugs. 1-5% of the population is estimated to have it. I know it’s [...]

    • hi – if you feel pulled to offer spiritual help, test it out! you may be surprised. do you know Meetup.com?
      i have a couple groups – one for Toltec wisdom and one for EnergizeYourBusiness, the more spiritual one has attracted more people…. re: websites – i have a really great template for sale, that i created for my book/coaching…[Read more]

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    Just listened to audio training on ‘niche picking’ and got a lot of useful and practical info; e.g. anything about spirituality is not paying so well but anything that helps people with pain, weight, drugs, needing more money is something they are willing to pay for; and if you have to have multiple niches, limit [...]