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    good idea, thanks for sharing. I am sharing that with hubby. think will be good for anti stressing ; >
    @David, the video stopped at “another rule is…” Of course now I need to know! what is the other rule?

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    Hi David @david, Ezra @ezra and everyone else. I have been away from GPU for a while. Ezra, do you remember I think on one of the first VIP calls you mentioned that there may be a possibility of having a way to download the videos. I and am sure many others would also love to be [...]

  • @david Hi :) I was listening to the Module 3 recording and you mentioned that you think it’s a good idea to have a newsletter and a blog where you can also put the newsletter and generate conversation etc. How often would you say that you need to add new content to a blog to keep [...]

  • David, as per your discussion last night! @david @ezra @sarah Building Sustainable Partnerships Between Business and Non-Profits By 3p Guest Author | July 15th, 2010 View Comments By Leslie Back Success is a product of cooperation. Opportunity lies in networking, communication, interaction and exchange; isolation and hyper-individualism accomplish…[Read more]

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    Wow! What great content, @David! I love the way you’re able to break down these complex subjects into clear, simple do-able instructions. Can’t wait to give it a try.


  • Helen Collins started the forum topic Tools for current chapter in the group Group logoWater Cooler: 10 years ago

    Does anyone know what’s happening with the resources listed in the book for Chapter 5? @Ezra? @David? Aren’t they supposed to show up under Tools? Sure would appreciate help here!

    Thanks ~ Helen

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    @Ezra and @David I am confused. I am looking for resources listed in the book for Chapter 5: “Freebie in a flash”, to start with. It is not listed here under Tools, and it’s not at getpaidforwhoyouare dot com/access. Help? I wanted to get my Freebie DONE today! Many thanks! Helen PS I love the new video [...]

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    @david Hi again, When I signed up for basic GPU, the additional 3 chapters were listed as part of the benefits of joining GPU. It doesn’t seem right to me to now charge $99 per month for something I was told I would be receiving with the basic membership. To quote Binod regarding recommendations, this is [...]

  • I think we are all online income creating. I like @David‘s functional way of breaking it down better. If all we want is info, we can use the internet. but each of the groups he mentioned have issues that are specific to it.

  • Finally my elevator pitch is sorted. Whoo hoo!!! Thanks @david

    Check it out on my profile page. “I help busy people to get superfit in less time.”

    Next, to find a domain name to suit to that pitch.

    Sharina @felic

  • This is going to be my favourite thread. A huge pat on the back to @ezra, fo a sterling site, @david for refining his idea so well, @dadtasticguy for keeping the elevator running so well-its appropriate that on this side of the water we call it a lift cause he gives everyone one, @abundacia, for being a great [...]

  • The call Thurs. was great. Thanks David for being so up front and honest with me(@david). I’m going to work through the book and hopefully I’ll do well enough I won’t need to take the next training. You given me the kick in the pants I needed to get started.
    Thanks again,

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    @david It’s great to know that these updates are not going into some black hole at the other end of the universe.

    In reply to - Rodger Bailey posted an update: Today I worked on my ebook again. I got some structural stuff done: fixed the color scheme, adjusted the page numbering between the Preface/TOC section and the body, and fixed a […] · View
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    @ezra & @david

    This is such an important “bonus”. Thanks for including this. I really appreciate what you are both doing to ensure that we learn. Congrats on a very efficient and highly organised training course. I am looking forward to learning so much and achieving my 6 goals.


  • Hi David@david , Ezra@ezra and all,

    Wondering if we need to have our Freedom Buddy(ies) be of the Inner Circle?

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    @ezra & @david This is incredible added value. I’m looking forward to it. From your comment about Phone Number and PIN, I assume that this is a conference call, which we can all listen in on (not a private call, one-at-a-time). This is an awesome idea. Another thing I can consider to add to my own project. [...]

  • MF I don’t know that it’s about making friends with the time idea. In one of his posts @David said most of the people in the Training Course are in the US so he went with that, as I recall. I think training calls are much more likely to be attended when they are during “off” [...]