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    Kevin Murray - - "Hey @davidwood99 I’d love to bring a great affiliate offer to you and your subscribers Cheers, Kevin (first GPU $1,000 award winner) here’s the optin, but need to make your custom […] "View
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    Dayton Lewark - - "Anybody want to share the cost of […] "View
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    Sharina M Sharif - - "My action plan for next week: Do a survey on potential clients of what do they want, which I can offer to […] "View
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    Ezra Firestone (Head Trainer) - - "@flowerchild @coach-dayton Thanks! We are fixing the reply boxes now! With regard to the “LIKE” box — if you put it on a page and someone likes it, then that is the page that shows up on their facebook wall for their friends to see. If you don’t want someone to “LIKE” your hidden content and have it show up on their facebook wall then don’t put a “LIKE” button on it. I would recommend putting a “LIKE” button on your squeeze page only … that way when someone likes it, it will show up on their wall and send folks back to the squeeze […] "View
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    Elyse Jacobs - - "Will begin blogging for Discount School Supplies in May. They asked me to write about the work I do with children. Their blog seemed somewhat hidden from those who come online to purchase supplies. I asked them how people found the bloggers. She sent me their classy enewsletter. And added, we have 90,000 subscribers. That got my attention. I’ve sent them the first blog. They’re ‘polishing’ it […] "View
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    Cecilia - - "Last week, I got my first intuitive healing session client that found me solely through my website. This is such a milestone for me because my website has only been up for 3 months. I also hit over 100 likes on my facebook page (at 126) which is also a milestone considering my facebook page has only been up for 3 months as well. Things are coming along. Since it is raining today I spent the whole day revamping my facebook page and rewriting some of the wording on my website. What is everyone else up […] "View
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    Sabine Satie - - "Am fine with were I am in my progress of things, even though behind the 6 week schedule. It is all new and I am learning a lot. No more frustration with myself in the process. happy […] "View
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    Anne Claire Venemans - - "As i am reading where I was at just over a month ago, it makes me realize how far I have come already! I have my ‘real’ site up and running, and I am about to send out my first newsletter to my existing list. I have decided to go bilingual – English and my native language, Dutch. It is a lot of work, but I am happy with the reactions I am receiving on doing it this way… Next step is to finish the products I want to have on the site (not sure about the teleclass idea). Never have I been so certain that I will get where I want to go!! Here’s my site: http://www.cheiron-wellness.com/ Any feedback is […] "View
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    Dina Blas - - "Currently looking for a Freedom Buddy. Someone I can bounce ideas around with and work on some of these online strategies with. I’m positive and upbeat and ready to go! Please let me know if you’re interested. […] "View
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    Gavin Merritt - - "Gavin, to put this tactfully… If you don’t start doing stuff to prepare for all the fun changes that are about to take place in your life, j-e-e-e-e-z, I just don’t know what might happen. But I’m darn sure I know what won’t. I’m not from the IRS, but I’m here to help. The Universe Please tell the universe im working on it […] "View
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    Kim Conrad - - "Got a great freedom buddy, posted my goals first thing after the call and just finished a huge project to start freeing me up for more Get Paid […] "View
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    Jason Halliday - - "Hello everyone – finally starting to get involved here – and I have a question. Are we able to create our own groups yet? I have to admit I’m getting a little lost trying to navigate around the community section of the site. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s a little different than other forums that I’ve used before. Is there a guide anywhere on using the community site yet? […] "View
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    Janice Johnson - - "Well, I sent out my survey this week to my list! Praying that I get ample feedback to assist with my first product launch. Also, sending out my first newsletter on Thursday. Pretty […] "View
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    Colin - - "Head buzzing from great forum interplay tonight (it’s night here in the UK). Tired now, after today’s chemo, so probably not going to last until the 2.00 a.m (GMT) training call tonight, unless the meds make sleep difficult. But need sleep, so sadly will have to listen to the recording in a day or two when it’s available … David/Ezra … over to […] "View
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