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    Question regarding Get Paid book.

    On page 80 it says that there are the following resources available for download:

    freebie in a flash
    friends into subscribers
    newsletter templates
    how to easily produce newsletters
    10 newsletters in a flash…
    create your newsletter

    Where are these located on this site? I cannot find them, thanks!

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    Sounds great! I’ve hit a small road block with getting my web site up and running, but I will hold off on that to get through making a newsletter. This will also then give me some fresh content to post when the site goes live. Newsletter templates sounds like a great idea, but could that [...]

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    Module 2 – A web site totally agreed with this. Was travelling this past week, but have domain names and web server running now and will import the working development copy of the wordpress blog later this week. Totally pumped and slightly overwhelmed, albeit gratefully. Will post a link as soon as I get a [...]

    • re: overwhelm, lots of us can experience that.
      stay connected to gratitude and remember why you are doing this, i.e. BIG PICTURE the difference you are making in people’s lives. and then ask, what is most important? is it the website, products, traffic….. but always come back to that TOUCHSTONE of the life and emotional impact you create for…[Read more]

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    Decide who you help. THis was tough to work through because my niche crosses so many demographic boundaries. The real criterion for me is any adult who is passionate about becoming sustainable, but doesn’t know where to start or that there are many programs hosted by my city that they can get involved with to [...]

    • you can have several different niches, people who are motivated to sustainability for their love of the earth, or for saving money, or for their children….. the messages for each maybe slightly different, and you can serve them all!

  • Hello coaches, experienced users, graduates. Being new here, it isn’t entirely clear to me how to weave our ‘buddy’ into this Home Study course or how to get great feedback on the effort/content we are producing in each module. While I’m confident in my ability to work through this material and dial it in to [...]

  • Buddy request :)

    Hello all. Would like to meet a few people that would be interested in being a buddy for the next little while.


  • Ok, well now that I’ve figured out this forum more, I’ll post who I am. Emilio I’m an Eco Evolver. I have a Masters of Science in Psychology, I am interested in Community-based research and social marketing. My dream is to teach people how to re-design their lifestyle so that it is more sustainable and [...]

  • Ok, is this post going to appear under “Introduce Yourself Here!” topic?

    *drum roll*

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    Forums are confusing. :S
    I wanted to post a “Hello World” message under the “Introduce Yourself Here!” topic, but didn’t see how to do that, so I’m generally saying hello within this group. Maybe by the time I post this generic message it will become more apparent how to respond to particular topics?

    I’m looking for a buddy as well, but…[Read more]