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    I just checked and you are registered as level 2, which means that when you log in you should have access to all of the purple tabs and the blue training course tab. The only tab you should see the Oops on is the inner circle. @heatherbell

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    @dianecj @gracefuldeva @cyndi @heatherbell @katrina If you’re getting an OOPS message, and you signed up for the Training Course or Inner Circle, the most likely reason is you did not upgrade your membership. Please: 1) Dig up the email with subject ‘Thank you for Purchasing the Get Paid…’ and use that registration link to create a new account.…[Read more]

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    @heatherbell – use @Ezra to ensure he sees the post

    and dig up the upgrade link in your registration email…

    In reply to - commented on the blog post Oops! Hi, Just tried again clicked on tools and got oops then I tried training course and also got oops, you can upgrade. I have a Mac if that makes any difference. · View