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    David Wood - - "Hey guys – we are moving people soon to a new site – pretty similar to this but hopefully less bugs! And – I’m in there all the […] "View
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    Ezra Firestone (Head Trainer) - - "@flowerchild @coach-dayton Thanks! We are fixing the reply boxes now! With regard to the “LIKE” box — if you put it on a page and someone likes it, then that is the page that shows up on their facebook wall for their friends to see. If you don’t want someone to “LIKE” your hidden content and have it show up on their facebook wall then don’t put a “LIKE” button on it. I would recommend putting a “LIKE” button on your squeeze page only … that way when someone likes it, it will show up on their wall and send folks back to the squeeze […] "View
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    Dayton Lewark - - "Anybody want to share the cost of […] "View
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    Dolores DeGiacomo - - "I found this quote, I think it’s excellent for all coaches, I am adding it to my website: “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”–John D. […] "View
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    Cecilia - - "Last week, I got my first intuitive healing session client that found me solely through my website. This is such a milestone for me because my website has only been up for 3 months. I also hit over 100 likes on my facebook page (at 126) which is also a milestone considering my facebook page has only been up for 3 months as well. Things are coming along. Since it is raining today I spent the whole day revamping my facebook page and rewriting some of the wording on my website. What is everyone else up […] "View
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    Sabine Satie - - "Am fine with were I am in my progress of things, even though behind the 6 week schedule. It is all new and I am learning a lot. No more frustration with myself in the process. happy […] "View
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    Dina Blas - - "Currently looking for a Freedom Buddy. Someone I can bounce ideas around with and work on some of these online strategies with. I’m positive and upbeat and ready to go! Please let me know if you’re interested. […] "View
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    Judith Poole - - "@Ezra @Sarah Maestro has sent me two different pins. I know which one to use, but thought I would let you […] "View
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    Kim Conrad - - "Got a great freedom buddy, posted my goals first thing after the call and just finished a huge project to start freeing me up for more Get Paid […] "View
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    Jason Halliday - - "Hello everyone – finally starting to get involved here – and I have a question. Are we able to create our own groups yet? I have to admit I’m getting a little lost trying to navigate around the community section of the site. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s a little different than other forums that I’ve used before. Is there a guide anywhere on using the community site yet? […] "View
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    Binod Maliel - - "An awesome free e-book on Goals! by Brian Tracy… I wanted to share some information that may be of great help to you in your business and careers ( … If this does not interest you, kindly do not read further, ignore this message, delete it.) If you are interested… I came across a free resource about goals success that you may find extremely useful. The famous “Goals!” book from Brian Tracy is available for FREE at the link below in e-book format. 330 pages of amazing and excellent content! http://wp.me/pHdyu-3n Kind Regards, Binod PS: Some of you may know that I am a co-author with Brian Tracy of the book ‘The DNA of Success […] "View
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    Samantha Sweetwater - - "Just had an AWESOME meeting with my Web Wizard, David Shakiban (www.colorgrooves.com). The re-build on DancingFreedom.com is going to ROCK! I am so excited to better serve my communities with great information and better […] "View
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    Brigitte Botnick - - "Hi, The bare bones website for my forthcoming book is live. http://www.becomewhoyourdogthinksyouare.com/ (and various other domains pointing to […] "View
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    Jim Croto - - "I have the possibility of getting a very short domain (???.??) which could be used for a domain shortener, what I’ve noticed is many of these have ads, and thought if it could be made I would make it available as a way to advertise for any GPU student – for free – anyone know how to design a URL redirect […] "View
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    Brady Irvine - - "If you don’t like the answers, ask better […] "View
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    Graham King - - "Is currently away and not in […] "View
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    Rodger Bailey - - "This week, I was able to set up autoresponder “newsletter” emails which have an excerpt of one of the articles I have posted on my site. I have a link in the email to the full article, so those who receive the email can get to the article. At the end of the article is a link to a Forum topic with questions which relate to that article and requests for folks to answer those questions as Replies to that topic. This gives me a way to get interactions with those on my […] "View
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