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    Ezra Firestone (Head Trainer) - - "@flowerchild @coach-dayton Thanks! We are fixing the reply boxes now! With regard to the “LIKE” box — if you put it on a page and someone likes it, then that is the page that shows up on their facebook wall for their friends to see. If you don’t want someone to “LIKE” your hidden content and have it show up on their facebook wall then don’t put a “LIKE” button on it. I would recommend putting a “LIKE” button on your squeeze page only … that way when someone likes it, it will show up on their wall and send folks back to the squeeze […] "View
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    Brigitte Botnick - - "Hi, The bare bones website for my forthcoming book is live. http://www.becomewhoyourdogthinksyouare.com/ (and various other domains pointing to […] "View
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